July 11, 2011

Service Link Lowering Notary Fees

I have been reading for several weeks that Service Link, a national document signing company, has been calling notaries asking them to lower their fees in order to stay in their database. I had not received that call until today...

Brittany calls to tell me that they are requesting that I lower my fee to $45 for overnight and $55 for edocs and if I did not lower my fees then I couldn't expect to receive any future calls and that a "ton" of notaries had already accepted this new lower fee. Well, I proceeded to tell her that I could not be a part of that "ton" so I was not accepting their new lower fee schedule and thanked her time before I got off the phone.

Just last week I received an edoc signing from Service Link for $90 so $45 would be an exact 50% pay cut! I do not know who can live off a 50% pay cut but I can not. It is really sad that while these companies still make millions they are attacking the easiest target, the independent notary. I have not made $50 for a loan signing since I first became a notary 7 years ago and I refuse to go backward. 

If all notaries said no then Service Link would have no choice but to stop their bullying and pay us what we're worth! I will find another line of work before I accept these kind rates.

July 4, 2011

AAN - Serving Notaries Nationwide

When you are a professional it is always smart to join a professional association that represents your field. Associations enable you to network, keep you up to date with changes in your industry and they help you promote your business. One class act notary association is the American Association of Notaries.

The AAN began in 1994 offering memberships to Texas notaries but quickly became a full-service company, assisting notaries with the application, appointment, and bonding processes, and offering a wide range of quality notary seals, supplies, and products.

They offer education, advocacy, service and membership. You can also sign up for a free monthly newsletter.