June 29, 2011

Successful Notary Tip #13 - Don't Overthink the Job

The job of a notary is to mitigate fraud by verifying the identity of the signer and by acting as an impartial witness to the signing of the document (s). The job of a notary is not too get overly involved in the process by reading the document, asking the signers inappropriate questions like why they are signing the document or what the document is being used for or to give their opinion regarding the document. The most we should be doing is reviewing the document for completeness.

The more responsibility to you take for the document, the more responsibility you assume. In the case you are ever called into court you will have answer for what you know and I would prefer to only answer questions about my part as the notary.

A notary's job is important but we are not attorneys nor do we receive their salary or their headaches so don't over think the job. Have fun as it is never a dull day as a notary because no two days are ever the same.

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