December 17, 2008

Tips to Pass the 2010 Census Test

The following are tips to passing the 2010 Census Exam:
  1. Call your local Census Bureau office to schedule your test.
  2. Download the census practice test - this is a must as you only have 30 minutes for 28 questions and they are not easy questions.
  3. Set aside a minimum of 2 hours on the day of the test to fill out the paperwork, take the test and to receive your score.
  4. Bring your ID and social security card, or just your passport.
To pass the census test you must answer at least 10 questions correct but the higher your score the faster you will be hired. You are allowed to retake the exam if you do not pass or you would like to try for a higher score.

*2010 Update - newer comments can be seen here.